Clara Wolverton

My method of execution is in the of the fluid movement of the brush, pencil or stick of charcoal. Using mainly watercolor to represent what could be described as a realistic and representational approach to each subject my process is methodical. The layering involved in building plumage, the fold of a neck, the opacity of a fingernail and the commitment in the gum arabic's irreversibility is an homage to each being represented. The fowl shown in a groundless environment creates intimacy and a personal adulation for a seemingly effortless existence. The lift of a limb and the tilt of a beak have a quiet perseverance in the soul's ability to endure. Birds have a bad rap, they are seen as skittish and idiotic. This work is a testament to their ability to survive.

Using portraiture to focus on our vulnerabilities, I hope to capture and expose the universality of the human condition. With an increase in globalization and the banality found in the influx of imagery, our empathy is fickle. Through the delicacies in my execution I wish to stray away from the superficiality found in today's interactions and focus on the organic. I am extremely interested in the verisimilitude found in the daily lives of those foreign from myself, the dissimilarity in backgrounds and the homogeneity in conviction.